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Miley… blah, blah, blah, f&%$ it. 

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Hosts: Steve ZaragozaWilliam Haynes

Don’t Touch The Furry Puss!

The sting of the puss caterpillar is said to be worse than the bee and jellyfish stings. But OMG, I just want to touch it for da cuddles!!!

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Hosts: Joe Bereta

Huge Monument Older Than the Pyramids Found!

A new discovery may prove to be the oldest surviving structure on the planet!

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Hosts: Trisha HershbergerMatt Lieberman

On the Road with Tech N’ Spec!

Trisha takes Tech N’ Spec on the road for an in depth look at the Smart Talk Solar!!

Hosts: Trisha HershbergerJoe BeretaSteve ZaragozaMatt LiebermanWilliam Haynes


Congratulations, Reina!

Teen Starts Armpit Hair Fire, Causes Crash

You should probably drive safely if you’re going to start fires and junk.

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Hosts: William Haynes

ISIS Bans Math Social Studies & Sports

The Islamic extremist group ISIS is outlawing many basic disciplines learned in schools.

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Hosts: Joe Bereta

#TableTalk Puts on the Ritz!!

Hosts: Dani RosenbergJoe BeretaTrisha Hershberger

Apple iOS 8 is Out! Here’s Some Hidden Secrets!

iOS 8 has some nice hidden features! Like what you ask? Well click on the dang video will ya!?

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Hosts: Steve Zaragoza

Scotland Independence - Yay or Nay?

We watch as Scotland casts a vote to secede from the UK or to remain a part of the union. What does it mean to the rest of the world?

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Hosts: Joe BeretaTrisha Hershberger

Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities Coming To Schools!

Satanists want your children to learn about Atheism!

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Hosts: Steve Zaragoza

New Evidence Shows King Richard III Died A Badass

A new forensic analysis details the possible final moments of King Richard III.

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Hosts: Joe Bereta

Which State Has The Worst Drivers?

The nation was surveyed, and guess who wins the worst driver title…

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Hosts: Joe BeretaLee Newton

“Final D! NO ITEMS, NO FUN!” - Smash Bros on Head 2 Head

Before shooting today’s episode of Head 2 Head, Reina told me she was pissed. So today we’re playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, one of her favorite games, against Will. I feel bad for him. Let’s see how it ends.

Hosts: Matt LiebermanReina ScullyWilliam HaynesTrisha Hershberger

Top 10 Sub-Reddits!

Steve throws down his list of the 10 best Subreddits. What’s your list?

Hosts: Steve Zaragoza