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Some News and a New Chapter for FYSF

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on the blog as I usually am during the summer months (or ever - I’ve missed like 13 days). Turns out my life has just gotten busier and busier. I have time to be on tumblr, but not to maintain a blog of this caliber all on my own. I also don’t foresee my life getting any less busy - quite the opposite actually.

What does this mean?

Well I don’t want to abandon FYSF since I’ve put lots of effort into getting it where it is over the last couple years, but there needs to be a change around here.

Something I would like to do is bring on a few more members to keep things running while I oversee as an admin. Essentially I just want to make sure the blog doesn’t fall into the pits of hell after I back off as the main show runner.

NOW BEFORE ANYONE STARTS VOLUNTEERING AS TRIBUTE LISTEN UP! I will not be accepting any applications or requests right this moment. I want to make a formal post explaining exactly the kind of people I’m looking for, and the process by which I want to receive applications. There are some basic rules to how things go around here, and I want to make sure the people I bring on will mostly adhere to them without making me want to pull my hair out.

So keep an eye out for another post sometime later this week. I’ll get to it when I can find the time to really sit down and prepare it.

Thank you for your patience.


July 1st, 2014 - News Stories

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June 30th, 2014 - News Stories

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You guys I’m worried about @joebereta! What happens at @vidcon does NOT stay at @vidcon!


You guys I’m worried about @joebereta! What happens at @vidcon does NOT stay at @vidcon!

VidCon 2014 Rundown!

Everything you need to know about this year’s VidCon. Come touch us.

Leprechaunophobia and Perfect Pets on #TableTalk!

World’s Most Expensive Restaurant is Super High-Tech (Story #1)

Insanely odd food made with chemistry paired with light and sound performance art??? Yes, please!

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Life’s Tough on #TableTalk

LOST!! the Noobs Return to play Minecraft!

World’s Ugliest Dog Revealed! (Story #5)

The annual world’s ugliest dog competition is back and we have all the horrible photos!

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Japanese Girls Mysteriously Pass Out in the Street?!! (Story #4)

Japanese college girls mysteriously passed out in the middle of the street in Tokyo.

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12 Year Old Fakes Kidnapping To Avoid Dentist (Story #3)

A 12 year old French boy faked getting kidnapped to avoid going to the dentist!

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Sloths are weird as shit. Find out here (X)

Why? Because SLOOOOOOOOOOOOTHS, that’s why!

Student Gets Stuck Inside Giant Vagina (Story #2)

An American exchange student in Germany got himself stuck inside a giant vagina statue after being dared to go inside… ah America.

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